Children & Tweens:

Our Parish Family has a reputation for helping the younger members of our community feel like they belong. We have a child friendly area where little ones can have quiet play if they need a short break from the Service or after the Service during Coffee Hour. We understand that young children have shorter attention spans than adults and are very accommodating of that during our time of worship.

Our children leave the assembly each Sunday during the 10:30am Service for a Children and Youth Liturgy of the Word which is commonly known as Church School. They return to the assembly as we greet each other with the sign of Peace to enjoy receiving Holy Communion with their families.
The children and youth are gathered by age groups:

Under 4 years of age

5-8 years of age

9-12 years of age

Teenagers are invited to join our Young Adult Group. Our children and youth enjoy social times throughout the year including: pageants and fundraising events.

The Church School curriculum used is published by Scripture Union Canada and is loved by kids and teachers alike. It creatively leads the children in age-appropriate activities which allow them to learn the stories of Jesus and God’s love in a fun and meaningful way. The children usually have a colourful ‘take home’ page to follow-up with their parents later in the day.

Please take a moment to look at our curriculum at or